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Triathlon specialist

The "Triathlon Specialist" course offers the possibility to specialize in Triathlon training, with all its characteristics and particularities. This course is addressed from a holistic perspective: the preparation of the swimming segment, the cycling segment, the running segment and the transitions. At the same time, the triathlete evaluation process and the latest endurance and strength training methods will be developed. This course will be carried out by instructors with high academic training who also have a lot of field experience in their daily work with triathletes who excel at different specialties.

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Specialty courses

Triathletes sport initiation and the study of swimming segment

Triathlon transitions: Cycling and running

Planning, quantification and evaluation of triathletes

Endurance and strength training methods in triathletes


Jonathan Esteve

PhD in Sport and Physical Education Science


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Carles Tur

Physical trainer and physiotherapist


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Leandro Muñoz

MS. in Technification and High Sports Performance, specialized in triathlon


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Jorge Ortega

Master in High Performance in Cyclical Sports. Degree in physical education


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Certification in Triathlon Specialist

This certificate states that the student has passed all the exams and a specific course. The following information is included: student's full name, name of the course and name of the certifying organization.