About Us

International Endurance Group is a solution for endurance coaches and athletes. An ecosystem that consists of a software for coaches, a mobile app for athletes and a top quality training center for all athletes and sports professionals. We have a presence in more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries,a blog that exceeds 1,500 original articles and courses that are endorsed by the American College of Sport Medicine.

Our purpose: To build, apply, and innovate in endurance tools.

Our mission: To provide software solutions and high-level online training for coaches, athletes and sports professionals. In this way, we can not only improve coach-athlete communication and interaction, but also refine ways of training, keeping records and obtaining results, knowledge and skills.

Board of Directors

Image - Federico Fader - IEG CEO

Federico Fader


Image - Facundo Ahumada - Science Director

Facundo Ahumada

Science Director

Image - Santiago Trombetta - CCO

Santiago Trombeta



Image - Ramiro Silvera - Senior Developer

Ramiro Silvera

Senior Developer

Image - Luciano Giamarini - Senior Developer

Luciano Giamarini

Senior Developer

Image - Angelo Pavoni - Mobile Developer

Angelo Pavoni

Mobile Developer

Image - Marcelo Francisconi - Project Manager

Marcelo Francisconi

Project Manager

Image - Franco Baaa -  Analytics

Franco Bass


Image - Ezequiel Pereyra - Front End Developer

Ezequiel Pereyra

Front End Developer

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