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Endurance Sports Coach

The Endurance Sports Coach Course will show the basic concepts and principles of endurance sports training. This is the IEG initial course, ideal for coaches who are starting to train in any endurance sport.Through this, the student will obtain the necessary knowledge for the following specialist courses.

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Specialty courses

Imagen - Applied physiology and biomechanics

Applied Physiology and Biomechanics

Imagen - Technology and assessment for endurance athletes

Technology and Assessment for Endurance Athletes

Image - Training methods for endurance athletes

Training Methods for Endurance Athletes

Image - Nutrition and injury prevention in endurance athletes

Nutrition and Injury Prevention in Endurance Athletes


Carlos Sanchis

PhD in Exercise Science.


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Facundo Ahumada

Master in High Performance Cycling Sports. EO Head Coach. Endurance Tool Founder


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Franco Cragnulini

Master in High Performance Cycling Sports,Head Coach Profit Training


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Federico Fader

Bachelor degree in High Sports Performance, M.Sc. (c). International Endurance Group CEO


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David Masferrer

Bachelor of sports science. Nutritionist. Dietician.


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Arcadi Margarit

Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science


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Adrián Peris

Master in High Performance Cycling Sports


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Certification in Endurance Sports Coach

This certificate states that the student has passed all the exams and a specific course. The following information is included: student's full name, name of the course and name of the certifying organization.

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