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Endurance sports planning

The Endurance Sports Planning course is made up of four modules/courses, which offer students the possibility of moving the bases of current and relevant planning models and, most importantly, learning how to organize and control the training loads properly and practically using the Endurance Tool software on your Web and Mobile platforms. This course is a great opportunity for any coach who wants generic training to carry out their profession in any endurance sport.

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Specialty courses

The use of technology for the planning and periodization of endurance sports

Training planning, scheduling and analysis

Periodization models applied to endurance sports

Monitoring and quantifying athletes training loads


Facundo Ahumada

Master in High Performance Cycling Sports. EO Head Coach. Endurance Tool Founder


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Jonathan Esteve

PhD in Sport and Physical Education Science


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Victor Valldecabres

Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports


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Carlos Balsalobre

Doctor of Sports Sciences


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Adrian Peris

Master in High Performance Cycling Sports


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Certification in Endurance Sports Planning

This certificate states that the student has passed all the exams and a specific course. The following information is included: student's full name, name of the course and name of the certifying organization.