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Nutrition for endurance sports III

What should i eat? What supplement should I take? are some of the questions that every endurance athlete who wants to improve their athletic performance or body composition usually asks. In the information age we find answers to these questions 24 hours a day: on the Internet, on social networks, on television, at the club, friends, sports and health professionals…. often generating confusion and putting the athlete vulnerable to exposure to unnecessary consumption of some type of dietary supplement or unnecessary food handling and not free of risks on sports performance and or health.

In this third part of the course "Nutrition for Endurance Sports", we will develop the following questions: What nutritional supplements can be an ergogenic aid? In what context? For what type of athletes? With what consumption protocol? What food periodization strategies can be applicable in daily practice? Fast? Ketogenic diet?

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The objective of this training is; continue to build knowledge, based on scientific evidence and practical tools, so that participants can put together a protocol of nutritional assistance to endurance athletes with a broad and judicious vision.

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Marcia Onzari

Bachelor of Nutrition - UBA


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Certificate in Nutrition for endurance sports III

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  • Sports supplementation

    At the end of the activities of this subject, the student will be able to: Describe the different ergogenic nutritional aids. Explain the physiological effects of dietary supplements. Advise on the usefulness of dietary supplements based on the characteristics of the endurance athlete.

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  • Content

    1. Effects of nutritional supplements on adaptations to resistance training
    2. Consensus supplements 2019
    3. Generalities
    4. Classifications
    5. Sports foods
    6. Caffeine
    7. Creatine
    8. Other supplements
  • Periodization

    At the end of the activities of this subject, the student will be able to: Know the different strategies studied, the practical utility and the impact on sports performance of these manipulations to improve sports performance in the long term.

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  • Content

    1. Fuel contribution depending on the work required
    2. Introduction
    3. Strategies
    4. Conclusions