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Medicine and physiology applied to cycling

This course studies the fundamental aspects of physiology applied to training. This will help us understand and study in depth the specific concepts of cycling training. Besides,in the medicine of cycling, we will develop topics such as biochemical control, the most important variables of the cyclist's blood analysis, as well as medical check-ups that will ensure that the athlete is fit for training.

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Facundo Ahumada

Master in High Performance Cycling Sports. EO Head Coach. Endurance Tool Founder


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Renzo Corsini Pino

Sports Medicine Specialist


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Certification in Medicine and physiology applied to cycling

This certificate states that the student has passed all the exams and a specific training workshop. The following information is included: student's full name, name of the training workshop and name of the certifying organization.

  • Training physiology

    The subject "Training Physiology" by Prof. Facundo Ahumada (Argentina), includes fundamental material for the understanding and application in the field of the coach, addressing topics such as optimal pedaling cadence and mental training.

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  • Content

    1. Basic concepts
    2. Determinants of performance
    3. Exam 1
    4. Training variables
    5. Exam 2
    6. Design of specific training programs
    7. Exam 3
    8. Key points and references
  • The medicine of cycling

    The course "The Medicine of cycling" taught by Dr. Renzo Corsini develops all the necessary content in order to provide students with the knowledge and tools to carry out an integrated approach of athletes to these disciplines, incorporating this crucial area of ​​training.

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  • Content

    1. Biochemical control
    2. Exam 1
    3. Periodic evaluation of the cyclist's health
    4. Exam 2
    5. Electromyography in sport
    6. Exam 3
    7. Heart rate variability
    8. Exam 4