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Planning and periodization of cycling training

In this course the key concepts are studied so that the coach can plan, periodize, schedule and analyze the training of their cyclists efficiently. Our students will learn how to build performance peaks so that their cyclists can achieve the best performance at the exact moment of the season.

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Facundo Ahumada

Master in High Performance Cycling Sports. EO Head Coach. Endurance Tool Founder


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Victor Rodriguez Rielves

Master in High Performance Cycling Sport, Head Coach Pro Training


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Certificate in Planning and periodization of cycling training

This certificate specifies that a student has passed all exams and completed this particular training. The following information is included: student's first and last names, name of the training workshop and name of the certifying organization.

  • Planning and Periodization of cycling training

    The subject "Planning and periodization of cycling training" covers the principles and variables of strength training, planning of training phases, periodization models with real examples, practical considerations for planning, training zones and scientific training.

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  • Content

    1. Principles of training
    2. Exam 1
    3. Periodization models
    4. Exam 2
    5. Periodization Models - Part 1
    6. Periodization Models - Part 2
    7. Training with Endurance Tool
    8. Exam 3
    9. Laboratory performance assessment
    10. Field performance assessment
    11. Key points and references