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Introduction to Power-Based Cycling Training

Potentiometers are here to stay. Coaches must adapt fast to this new reality, to take full advantage of a tool that offers us infinite new possibilities for analysis, control and planning of the athlete's performance. But it is not enough to use it: it is essential that coaches have a deep understanding of these devices and their metrics, in order to interpret them within the global context of sports training. In this course, you will learn the basic fundamentals of power training: how it works, what it is based on, what it is used for, how to use the main data, and much more.

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Manuel Sola Arjona

Trainer at MSA Training. Graduated in Sports Sciences. Master in Human Nutrition. Professional cyclist 2014-2016.


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  • Introduction to potentiometers

    In the first subject, we will develop the basic concepts about the use of potentiometers. A brief history of them is presented, the theoretical basis of their use, the types of potentiometers that exist, how to choose the right potentiometer, how to configure them, among others.

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  • Content

    1. What is and how to set up a potentiometer
    2. Understanding power meters
    3. Exam
  • Power metrics and data

    In the second subject, we will explain in detail the most important data and metrics offered by potentiometers.

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  • Content

    1. Data types and their use
    2. Power metrics
    3. Exam
  • Training zones

    In the third subject, we will develop the concepts linked to the "Training Zones" and we will offer a panoramic view of power training.

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  • Content

    1. Training zones
    2. Introduction to power training
    3. Exam
  • Context and benefits of power training

    In the last subject, everything previously developed will be associated, to put the power training in context within the athlete's training plan.

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  • Content

    1. Context and application of power training
    2. Power training context
    3. Exam

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