Learn How to Use Endurance Tool

Free access course for unlimited time that includes a series of videos that will help new users get used to the main functionalities of the tool.

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Facundo Ahumada

Master in High Performance Cycling Sports., EO Head Coach, Endurance Tool Founder Argentina

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  • Introduction

    Introduction to the use of Endurance Tool, its benefits and how to add your first athlete.

    4 videos

  • Content

    1. What is Endurance Tool?
    2. Learn how to manage your time wisely with Endurance tool
    3. Learn how to link an athlete with a coach
    4. Send queries to the support team
  • Training plan

    How to create a step-by-step training plan and activate it to have access from the mobile app.

    3 videos

  • Content

    1. Create a training plan
    2. Activate a training plan
    3. How to create a group plan
  • Training session

    How to create and manage training sessions to maximize your planning time.

    8 videos

  • Content

    1. Create a training session
    2. Copy and Paste session
    3. Move session
    4. Store in library and reuse
    5. Consult athlete's manual feedback
    6. Manage Garmin-Strava feedback
    7. Create a competition
    8. Add a competition to the training plan
  • The athlete

    Describe the athlete's first steps, from downloading and installing Endurance Tool mobile app to submitting training feedback.

    4 videos

  • Content

    1. Athlete's profile activation
    2. Connecting athletes and coaches
    3. Check your training day program
    4. Send training feedback