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Understanding heart rate variability

Heart rate variability is considered today one of the most important indicators for the individualization of training and recovery process of the athlete. This course will provide you with the key information to understand what Heart Rate Variability or HRV is, the mechanisms that modulate it, the science behind its use in athletes, more recommended applications and everyday real life examples. After finishing the course, you will be able to control and guide the training process through HRV, optimize the recovery of your athlete and prevent possible states of over-training.

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Daniel Boullosa

PHD in Sports Science, Professor / Collaborator at James Cook University (Australia), Expert in Heart Rate VariabilityCardíaca


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Certificate in Understanding heart rate variability

This certificate states that the student has passed all the exams and a specific training workshop. The following information is included: student's full name, name of the training workshop and name of the certifying organization.

  • Understanding heart rate variability

    You will learn in three lessons how to use heart rate variability with your athletes, clearly and easily. In the first video, we will discuss the physiological basis of heart rate variability and its relationship to the autonomic nervous system, and we will show you its usefulness in managing training load. In the second lesson, will explain the keys for data registration and analysis, detailing protocols, parameters, Apps and most appropriate software. In the third video, we will focus on a practical and successful case study, showing the use of variability to make day-to-day decisions with the athlete.

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  • Content

    1. Heart rate variability in endurance sports - Part 1
    2. Exam 1
    3. Heart rate variability in endurance sports - Part 2
    4. Exam 2
    5. Heart rate variability in endurance sports - Part 3
    6. Exam 3
  • Extra material

    Course extra material.

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  • Content

    1. Heart Rate Variability - in-depth analysis

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